Sunday, June 10, 2012

The English Lieutenant's Lady by Ava Stone

This last week Ava came out with her new book. I'm always excited when she comes out with a new work, because I just love her work. In my last blog entry I talked about her first book in Heroes Returned. I wondered why Philip ended up with an injury and he didn't have it in A Scandalous Pursuit. Well, my internal question was answered in The English Lieutenant's Lady.

Well, the Avery boys and Moore were call back to duty. Now they are returned again. We know that Captain Avery is engage to Miss Phoebe Greywood. However, he seems to forget about her and she  starts to question the reason she's engage to him. Lieutenant Tristan Avery can't stand his brother's whoring around and can't stand the treatment of the girl. Phoebe and Tristan have this animosity towards each other that stems from a misunderstanding in a previous book. Even though Tristan isn't too fond of Phoebe, he still can't stand his brothers treatment of her. However, Tristan and Phoebe find themselves drawn to each other. Who would have guess that one?

Overall, I love this book. Tristan is such a great guy and too bad more guys aren't like him. He does the honorable thing even when it hurts him so much. I can't wait for the last book in the Heroes Returned and it should be interesting to see how Captain Avery learns to cope with his humiliation. So, I hope you get a chance to check this book out. By the way, out of Cordelia's brothers Tristan is my favorite.

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  1. Melody ~ I'm so glad you enjoyed this book. Tristan is one of my favorite heroes. :)