Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Rogue Pirate's Bride by Shana Galen

I have to say I'm starting to really like pirate stories and here's why: I get to use words like swashbuckling. Now, who doesn't love the word swashbuckling? I mean come on that word is a lot of fun to say.

In the story we have two strong will people. First off we have Miss Raeven Russell, a daughter of British admiral who seeks vengeance for her dead fiancé. Sébastien Harcourt, marquis de Valère (aka Captain Cutlass throughout the book), is trying seek out vengeance for a friend who took him in when he was just a lad and was killed by pirate another. Both seeking vengeance for someone they cared about.

You have to love Raeven, I mean at the beginning of the book she issues a challenge to Captain Cutlass, because he's the one to kill her fiancé. However, there is one problem with accomplishing this task. Now you are wondering what could be the problem, I mean all she has to do is killed the bastard. It's kinda hard to kill someone who you're attracted to. Which happens to be a serious complication, but a fantastic read for you and I.

I love this story. It was a swashbuckling good time. Even though I get use my favorite word for pirate story it was a fantastic read. I honestly couldn't put it down. However, I do require some sleep in order to function throughout the day. If I didn't, I would have definitely forgone sleep to finish The Rogue Pirate's Bride. It is definitely worth getting and reading.

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