Monday, June 25, 2012

A Gentleman Undone by Cecilia Grant

Alright everyone, I got the opportunity to read A Gentleman Undone by Cecilia Grant which was provided by Goodreads. I was really surprise that I was selected to read this book. I mean what were the odds.

If you are looking for a happy, cheery romance novel I wouldn't suggest this book. The story line is a dark one, however, well written. You have Will Blackshear basically coming home from the war on the continent with some heavy, dark secrets that he would like to carry with him to the grave. One night he notices a woman, Lydia Slaughter, who happens to fleece him out of 180 pounds. Lydia is one smart cookie who knows how to play the game of life. She especially knows how to play a good game of cards. She sees an opportunity and takes a chance on Will. So, there adventure together begins. 

For most of the book, I had a really hard time with it. Let me be honest,  I don't have a problem hanging out in a gaming hells; my issue was with Will being so noble and trying to be so good. When you have a character who is trying to keep his past from anyone else it gets a bit trying. 

With all that said, I probably still would have bought the book, because of the plot; it intrigued me. Would I have finished the book, eventually. I would had to read a couple books in-between to get me through this one. Is it well written, absolutely. So, if you are looking for a darker romance novel, look no further.  

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