Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Scoundrel and the Lady by Robyn DeHart (Review)

First off, let say that I love that dress. Oh my goodness, the cover totally caught my eye. I also love the background. Gorgeous! Anyway, I did enjoyed The Scoundrel and the Lady. We meet Merritt Steele at the beginning. He kind has a disdain for the ton, so it's ironic that he inherits an earldom. However, he's not going to quit his business, but now he can use his connections to more for his paper. Iris Bennington, an outstanding young woman heading her way to spinsterhood. She's not going to marry just anyone, oh no why should she be tied down to someone who isn't going to appreciate her. She's also has been taking care of her younger brother for sometime, but he has some oats that need to be sow. Which is perfectly normal had he not been getting his information from a satirical article, which Iris and Merritt to meet.

Oh boy, these two have a rough bout. They kind of infuriate one another, so much so that Merritt tries to tries to find dirt on her. Then he figures she's the perfect girl to help his sister. When in exchange she helps his sister and he helps become like a gentleman. Sounds like a reasonable thing to do. Oh the scandal if she's caught dressing up as a dude.

Anyway, The Scoundrel and the Lady was a pretty good read. I mean have lady who is skirting around scandal with a gentleman. I like Merritt tries to save her and she's like no. That was pretty funny. They are both stubborn in their ways, but they actually fit well together. I like that Iris was trying to fix Merritt with his pride, and he was trying to put her in her place. Oh the trouble these two can get into. So, if this sounds like your kind of read you might a take a chance on The Scoundrel and the Lady.

Copy provided by the author.

4 Stars

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