Saturday, June 18, 2016

Love Thy Enemy by Katie Reus (Review)

I must say that I liked Love Thy Enemy by Katie Reus. You don't necessary need to read the previous story to follow what is going on. The beginning sort of ties in with parts of the previous book, but then takes off in it's own direction. Basically, Dominique Castle hates Viktor Ivanov, because of something his father has done. Eventually the reason comes out, Viktor feels bad about the situation, and tries to make amends. While that is going on there is a secondary love story going between his brother and their assistant, It didn't necessary add to the story, but it was nice to see him to find happiness. I don't know if there was enough story to make its own story, so it was nice to add to Love Thy Enemy.

Overall, Love Thy Enemy was a good story. Most of the story didn't focus around Red Stone Security, but mainly Viktor has his associates, and how they operate. Eventually, Red Stone guys are called into action. Who knows we might see more Viktor guys. Dominique didn't know how to handle Viktor's kindness, because she lumped him in the same category as his father. Of course, she had to eat crow.

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3 Stars

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