Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Foolproof Love by Katee Robert (Review)

I actually finished a Foolproof Love a couple weeks ago, but with the move and trying to navigate the wifi I currently have (which is not the best). Anyway, I had a fun time reading Foolproof Love. Come on it's a fake relationship to prove to Jules ex-boyfriend she has moved on, which she has, but the douche didn't get the memo. However, Adam and Jules have a combustable chemistry. Jules knows that the relationship is temporary, because Adam has one foot out the door.

Oh my goodness, Jules is so adorable. She's practically the town spinster with her coffee shop with cats. Yes, she has crazy cat lady starter kit. At the same time she has bright sunny disposition that draws people to her. I love that about her. Adam is described as catnip to women. The sexy bull rider is trying to figure out his life while helping Jules out.

So much fun, these two stir up scandal in Devil's Falls. Katee introduces us to her new fun sexy read. You definitely find steam as you turn the pages of Foolproof Love, and fall in love with these two characters. A solid read with your heated scenes. Plus, you meet some of characters that I can't wait to read. I totally can't wait for Quinn and Aubry's book, because of this interaction this story:
"Tell me, sweet cheeks, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"
"Nope, but I scraped my knees when I crawled up from hell."
"Witty. I like that. Maybe you and me should go get a drink sometime."
"Sorry, cowboy, but judging from the assets you're far too proud of displaying"--she waved at his crotch area--"I've had better. Not interested."
Oh my gosh, this is sounds so promising on there story. Anyway, fun read. If you love fake relationships that turn real, you will have fun with Foolproof Love.

Copy provided by Entangled via NetGalley

4 1/2 Stars

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