Saturday, May 14, 2016

Why Romance?

From time to time, I get a chance to encounter a person who doesn't appreciate the nuance of romance. You know when you run into those people when they say things like:
Oh you read those kinds of books.I only read biographies.
Those kind of books don’t interest me.
Personally, I don't mind, but I do mind when they come with a judgmental attitude. Especially, when give you the look, "Oh child come talk to me when you decided to read grownup books." Those are the times I want to say, " Hey, do you know how much work goes into this book." Yet, I say nothing, because deep down they are going to continue believing romance is fluff stuff. Don't get me wrong there are some fluff stuff out there, but there are also stories that are complex and in depth.

Truth be told I have learned a lot from romance. I have learn quite bit of history. Yes, I do look things up to verify if somethings that happen in the story could happen or did happen. I have learned about geography. These authors have to take into consideration location and it's important to do the research otherwise you have someone in that area calling them out.

Honestly, the main reason to read romance is a happy ending. I hate depressing endings, because it leaves me in a funk for a while. Granted not every book has a glum ending, but with romance I get happy ending that brings me a smile. Yes, I have been told they are unrealistic to have happy ending. DUH! It's a story.

I read to escape. I read because I want an adventure from the safety of my home. It might be my Disney up bringing that makes me want a happy ending. However, I think it's just me. I want everything to be rosy and perfect. I can't get that in real life, because real life is messy. Yet, romance can give me rosy perfect ending. Granted they might face obstacles along the way, but you have a happiness. If I'm called silly for reading romance, I'm okay with that. I think everyone should try at least one romance, before they knock the genre.

Why do you guys read romance? 

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