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Tame the Shame (Blogger Shame Review Challenge): Sinner's Steel by Sarah Castille

Blogger Shame

It seems like I will be lucky if I can accomplish half of my shame, this is definitely not the year to have start the challenge. Oh well, I will be happy if I can get any other shameful reads done. Anyway, today I have finished Sinner's Steel by Sarah Castille. I figure I should get this one done, because the new one is coming out soon. This is a series that needs to be read in order. So, let's get my thoughts going.

Let me start off that I liked the previous books in the series. They have been pretty good up until this point. I have hit a road block with Sinner's Steel. Oh how I struggled with this one. There were times where it would it have been more fun to stick needles in my eyes. Yes, there are those who have loved this book, but I struggle. My struggle lays more on Evie. She's a twit at best. She's one of those girls who is book smart, but when it comes to street smarts she's not the brightest. Let's go through this hot mess. 

We learn that Jagger, Kane, and Evie were best friends growing up. Kane and Evie eventually hooked up, but things didn't work due to her father. Anyway, Evie's father gets killed and now Kane is on the run. Evie is heartbroken and needs to move on. Which she does. Basically, Evie and Kane run into each other about nine years later. Totally fine, except she's kind of seeing Viper. Yeah, that's going to go over so well. I don't have a problem with as much, because we need drama. However, she has this naive view that Viper is a good decent guy, yet she's been warned not to get involved with a the guy. Seriously, everyone is telling her to avoid. Yet she believes he's this nice guy and he's different. I'm sorry, but if your bossy who is in shady dealings says he's bad news you might want to listen. That's the tip of my problem with Evie.

Evie becomes the monkey in the middle with the issue between the Jacks and Sinners. She doesn't know if she can handle being in this game. However, she has no choice in the matter, because of a few things. Anyway, the situation is a mess. She ends up needing Kane's protection, because the Black Jack problem escalated. It wouldn't be so bad if, but she has Kane's son. So, she struggles with wanting to be with Kane, but can't handle his lifestyle. This is a WTF moment, because she was willing to date Viper who is a leader of the rival gang. She's a walking contradiction at times. Oh yeah, that is going to go over well, with either guys. 

Such a hot mess. I was angry with Evie with most of the book. I'm surprise I made to the end. I'm disappointed with this story, because the other stories were good. Granted I want to see what happens in mess that is up and coming in the series, I kind of want to forget what happen in this book. However, one piece of info has to do with T-Rex and he's the next books hero. Now I'm curious on how the heck his story is going to be explain, because of what happen in this story. Of course, we need to take out the Black Jacks, because they manage to get away. 

Even though I had somewhat high hopes with this book and was disappointed, I did like the relationship between Kane and Ty. Sarah did a good job with that point. You saw that Ty wanted to be with his dad, but struggle with the issue that he had to share his mom. Yet, you see a relationship growing between these two. 

Overall, Sinner's Steel didn't work for me. It worked for others, but I struggle with Evie. I did like the previous books and I hope the next one will reel me back into the series. 

Copy provided by St. Martins via NetGalley. 

1 Star

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