Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Only Beloved by Mary Balogh (Review)

Rules for reading Mary Balogh, you should always start with the first book, always. Do I heed my own advice? Not really. I should listen. Since I didn't heed my own advice, might as well proceed, granted you're not going to be too terribly lost on story. However, it might give you some insight on our hero, George Crabbe, Duke of Stanbrook. Yes, the stories kind of intertwine with one another.

Anyway, we have come to the end of the series and George has decided he wants to take a wife again, and he knows the perfect woman, Dora Debbins. Now if y'all followed the series you would remember her from Only Enchanting. I haven't read that one, but it's a pretty good guess since it has her sister, Agnes. Anyway, they meet there and he figures she would make a good wife and they could have a good life together.

Now Dora is a declared spinster. She never dreamed marriage would come to her, since she's almost 40. When a duke comes in wishing to marry, might as well jump on board, after all she's not getting any younger.

For the most part they have a nice marriage, and we learn it was a lot better than his first marriage. I have to say that I kind figured out the reason why his marriage didn't work. I was shocked and at the same time not really. Think GoT, and you will understand. Everything seems hunky dory until someone from the past crashes the party and makes a mess.

Even though I didn't read the previous books, I actually liked Only Beloved. I like the growth between George and Dora. I did have a hard time with the heroine's name, because all I could think of her has Dora the Explore. I have kids, it makes sense to me. I like that the couple were a little older. Yes, they both had baggage from their lives. I mean Dora had issues with her mother and father. Okay this is my speculation on the father and it could be totally wrong: I wonder if the father was cheating on his wife. I kind of wondered about that. I mean he threw accusations about his wife and divorced her. Makes you wonder. Back to my other thoughts. I liked how Mary ties up the end of the book nicely and how they all return each year. Over the course of the series their bond is wonderful. I'm glad George was able to find true happiness, because his wife was a peach. I guess, I better get reading the beginning.

Copy provided by Penguin via First to Read Program.

4 Stars

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