Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Real Thing by Melissa Foster (Review)

I have to say that The Real Thing was an adorable read. I mean we have a big Hollywood actor who needed to clean up his act, and figures asking his best friend sister to play his fake fiancee would be the perfect way to go. Seriously, what could go wrong.

So, we have Zane Walker who is hunky and a big Hollywood actor who would like to branch out to more romantic movies, but his playboy lifestyle is hampering his aspirations. Like most guys he figures the simplest way to get this would go after Willow Dalton. Willow is a small town girl through and through. She's willing to do anything for for Zane, because he's the first love of her life. However, she needs to protect herself from Zane's life, so there has to be boundaries and rules. Yeah, we all know how well that goes. As we watch the story progress they have to decided if what they are sharing is worth going after for reals.

Like most of Melissa's character is Zane is hunky guy, and has to realize what he wants in life. One of the parts of the story I liked was when he has to decides what his purpose is, what he wants to do. After all he's young and hunky the sky is the limit. Then we have Willow who is ├╝ber adorable. She has a little self conscious about her appearance. She's with Zane and she feels like she doesn't match up well with him. However, Zane sees her as perfect. Aww.

Like a said The Real Thing was an adorable read. Zane has me eating out of his palm of his hands, because he's so sweet and caring towards Willow. Willow made me want to bake, after all she would talk about all those sweets. I looking forward to more of this series. If you are in need of a cute read, The Real Thing might be what you are looking for.

Copy provided by Montlake via NetGalley

4 Stars

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