Saturday, September 30, 2017

Shocking the Medic by Elizabeth Otto (Review)

I'm so glad Elizabeth Otto is back to writing. For a little while her life got a little crazy, so writing had to be put on hold. She definitely has a talent for writing for writing a steamy fun story. We have best friends Luke Almeda and Greer Imogen who grew up in the same neighborhood. Luke's family inherited the house, but had to work very hard to keep it. Now Greer's family came from money. Basically, Luke didn't feel like he was good enough to be more than Greer's friend. Anyway, they live separate lives up until Greer decides to join her friend in medic field, and it becomes harder for Luke to try to keep Greer in the friend zone. Both are extremely attracted to one another, and Luke doesn't feel like he's good enough to be with Greer. Honestly Greer doesn't care.

Basically, I liked Shocking the Medic. For a friends to lover story I thought it was pretty good. We have to conflict of getting caught at work, trying to overcome that one is better than the other (even though it's only Luke's mind), some hot steamy scenes. I thought Shocking the Medic was a good balance. Plus, I like Luke and Greer. The story could have gone in so many directions with these two characters. The sexual tension was off the charts between these two. Overall, a pretty good read.

Copy provided by author.

4 Stars

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