Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lethal Game by Katie Reus (Review)

You never know what is going to happen in the last book in the series, a lot can happen. Sometimes it can be a hit or a miss, but with Lethal Game it was definitely a hit for me. Yes, it's sad to to see these guys leave, but they are leaving on a high note. Katie did not disappoint in Lethal Game. There were times I had to hold my breath till the next chapter she had me hanging on by a thread. Yes, suspense was there. The romance part was pretty good. Okay the romance was a little rocky because Isa and Graysen had a past. Graysen had his work cut out after all there past dealt with her father's misdeeds.

Overall, loved Lethal Game. Seriously, a perfect ending to the series. Action, suspense, and romance in a perfect combination. Katie did a nice job closing this series off. I think this is my favorite out of the series.

Copy provided by author.

5 Stars

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