Tuesday, August 21, 2012

eARC: Last Chance Bride by Hope Ramsay

Today I needed something quick and fun. So, I decided to read Hope Ramsay's novella Last Chance Bride. Here's what's it about:

Sharon Anne McKee is a planner, you know one of those girls who has there life planned out to the minute. In away she has to, because she's involved in everything. She's about ready to embark on a new adventure, college. How exciting, especially when she will have her high school sweet heart with her?

Stone Rhodes, isn't financially ready to go to college nor does he really want to. So, he decides to enlist in the Marines and not tell anyone, especially Sharon. Yeah, I know, big mistake.

Let us not forget the local matchmaker, Miriam who predicts everyone's soulmate. She predicts Sharon and Stone will be together. However, when Stone sticks his foot in his mouth and suggest something that was the completely inappropriate to say, makes you wonder if they are going to end up married.

A cute little novella set in the south. You gotta love the south and how everybody knows your business. If you are looking for a longer story, this isn't it. Basically, this story is setting up for the next book. A teaser, as you might say. However, it got me wanting to know what happens to Sharon and Stone. So, I will be looking forward to reading the next book.

On a side not there are other stories from Last Chance and you know what I think I might go back to see the other stories. Overall, I liked the story. Don't get discourage over the fact, it's a short story. I think sometimes they are great, just in case you really don't want to commit to a series.

That's all for now and happy reading.

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