Thursday, July 4, 2019

To Tame A Wild Cowboy by Lori Wilde (Review)

Okay, I actually read this story last month, and I have been procrastinating on my thoughts. I've been doing that lately. Anyway, I did like To Tame A Wild Cowboy. I thought it was a pretty good story. We have Tara Alzate who is in the process of trying to adopt this sweet little baby girl. However, there is one problem they don't know who the father is. So, they go on the search and low and behold it's Rhett Lockhart. This can go in so many direction.

Rhett is definitely a no-strings attach kind of guy, but now he finds out that he's a father. Now he has a decision to make. Should he stay or should he go? He finds Tara mighty fine. However, Tara isn't too sure about Rhett, after all she use to babysit Rhett when he was younger. All she remembers is the wild child he use to be and his reputation doesn't help him. We also find that Tara is caring around some baggage that doesn't help Rhett's case to getting cozy with Tara.

This isn't an instant love kind of read. They aren't really sure if they should like each other. However, they do burn pretty hot for one another once the walls come down. I enjoyed the story. It was a nice building kind of read.

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