Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Protected By Love by Jennifer Ryan (Review)

Protected By Love is Jennifer Ryan's introduction to her new series Montana Heat. So far we are introduced to Caden Cooke and his brother Beck Cooke, and I'm sure we will get more guys along the way. Anyway, they work for the DEA. In Jennifer previous serious, we saw some drug problems arise, and the Cooke brothers have been slowly introduce to the Montana area. Now they are get their own stories. First up to get his own story is Caden.

Basically his aunt is trying to fix him up with this girl, Mia Martin. However, work gets in the way. His aunt is like dude get your act together or your going to lose the girl that you never had. Sparks fly, and it goes all down hill from there.

Protected By Love is an insta-love. They are thrown together in a very high stress situation, where they are unsure if they are going to get out. I think the story is more of a jumping point to the series. Caden and Mia get a romance, but we are going to bring in that there is more trouble afoot. We see that something is brewing in Montana and it isn't good. Hey Caden and Mia get a happy ever after. It's a pretty good lead in to the series, and I think that's the best way to look at it. The series does seem promising. I'm curious about Beck's story, because in Protected By Love he's not in a good place. Hopefully he gets his head in the game. Overall, a good intro to the Montana Heat series.

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3 1/2 Stars

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