Monday, February 13, 2017

Almost A Bride by Jo Watson (Review)

Almost A Bride showed great potential to being a fun romantic comedy, but I felt I was overwhelmed with all the cliches in the story. I love cliches. I mean that is what romantic comedies tend to have. A few would have been all right, but there were so many.

Like I said, Almost A Bride showed great potential with the Annie catching her boyfriend cheating on her in their bed, and having kinking sex, and there is so much more to this opening. Truly, it starts to spiral out of control at the beginning. However, I decided to stick on this train. About half the book, I could see the derailment of the story, but decided to stay on hoping that it won't happen. I probably should have DFN this book, but I hoped beyond all hope that it wouldn't go into crazy town too.

I don't know how to put into words on some of the ridiculousness of this story. Chris pretends to be Boyden from Australia with a terrible accent. I wish Annie would have said dude, I broke up with Boyden (by the way he's an imaginary boyfriend), and introduced Chris as her new boyfriend. Trevv and Tess are interjected into the story so many times. By the way Trevv is cheating sack of scum, and Tess is the hookup from work. You see them so much, by the end we don't even know if they are still together. The author spent so much time having part of the story, that we don't get to know what happen to them. Granted they did have stalk-ish feel to them. Still. However, Chris and Annie did have a happy ending, and I did like how Chris won Annie back. Very classic romantic comedy jester, with a grand love and sorry please take me back kind of deal.

Overall, I felt Almost A Bride was a train wrecked that derailed in crazy town. Did this story work for me. NO. I wanted it. The blurb sound like it could be amazing. However, it was too much and I felt overwhelmed. Yes, Almost A Bride worked for others. So, you might want to checkout their reviews to see what they loved about the story.

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