Thursday, March 21, 2013

Magick by Moonrise by Laura Navarre

Hey everybody! Well, todays selection is Magick by Moonrise by Laura Navarre. I have to say that this was interesting read. Something I wouldn't normally choose, because there are a lot of layers to this story.

First off you have Rhiannon le Fay who happens to half-mortal and half-faerie. Who happens to be on a mission to make sure a war doesn't start between the faerie world and the mortal. Rhiannon is to get Queen Mary to sign the treaty between the two worlds. However, there are a few obstacles occur. One of those obstacles comes in the form of Lord Beltran Nemesto.

First off, I had a really hard time getting into the story. Don't get me wrong it was good story and well written. However, Magick by Moonrise just wasn't for me. However, there were somethings I really did enjoy as I read the story. I loved the sacrifice Rhiannon makes for her friends and Beltran. I enjoyed how Beltran starts to wonder about his mission in life.

Overall, it's a good story, just not for me. However, if you love stories with a bit of Arthurian legend, a bit of history of Tudors (by the way I'm not a Tudor fan), and fallen angels, you might want to take a shot on Magick by Moonrise. It was well done with all those elements in the story.

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