Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Ball of Nerves

Ok, tomorrow is so exciting and scary at the same time. I feel my heart in my throat. My stomach is doing somersaults. All this for tomorrow. What you ask is going on tomorrow? Well, tomorrow I review Samantha Graces book and what I thought of it. That's not what has upset my stomach or having my heart pound a hundred miles per hour. Its the idea of trying to get my little blog out there to other people. Having people reading my blog and commenting there, I know that's what you want for a blog. However, this makes me nervous. What if I fail? I put my blog up for the chance a for person to come across it and that is ok, no harm or foul. For those people who might or could comment on my blog tomorrow get a chance to win a book from Samantha. See, this is where my nerves comes into play. What if, only my two friends who like to read comment because they want the book? Very nerve racking. I mean come on I'm not the greatest writer in the world, so this is extremely scary for me.

I just hope that its just not a total flop tomorrow, because I would feel real bad for Samantha for offering a book and only two people comment tomorrow. Scary, scary, scary thought. So, I just hope it goes well tomorrow. I hope that tomorrow blog is a success and hopefully I get more followers. If not, I guess I can crawl under my rock and continue to do what I did before; which is write what I like about the story and hope someone will read it and try the book.

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