Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hot Asset by Lauren Layne (Review)

I have come to realize I totally enjoy Lauren Layne's book. Seriously, they are fun and entertaining. Yes, Hot Asset has a extremely rich hot guy, who has more money than he needs, but I actually loved Ian Bradley. He does start off as a man about town. He can get any woman he wants. He's a hot asset on Wall Street, but there's a complication when he comes under fire by the SEC for insider trader. His world comes crashing down by a cute SEC investigator, Lara McKenzie.

Lara is trying to work her way into the FBI, after all her parents are agents and she wants to be an agent too. She's waiting for her big break, Ian Bradley might be the key. However, there was a complication she didn't see coming, she's attracted to the "Wall Street dickhead". He's totally wrong person for her, he's just too much for her.

Hot Asset is definitely entertaining when it comes to Lara and Ian. In some aspects they aren't good for one another, I mean Lara is trying to find out if Ian is guilty. Ian is trying to keep himself out trouble, but it's hard when he's attract to the SEC girl. Here is our conflict through most of the book. She's a good SEC investigator, but it's hard to investigate someone who's clean.

Truth be told, I felt bad for Ian, because he was under such scrutiny for no reason. Overall, he's a decent guy. Lara starts to question why her boss wants to get Ian so bad. Hot Asset is a pretty good read, and Lauren does a pretty good job with this story.

Copy provided by Montlake Romance via NetGalley

4 1/2 Stars

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