Monday, April 9, 2018

The Pursuit of Mrs. Pennyworth by Callie Hutton (Review)

Okay, I normally love Callie Hutton, but The Pursuit of Mrs. Pennyworth was an okay read. Towards the end I like the story, because it was what I was expecting to read. However, we have the rest of the story. Basically, The Pursuit of Mrs. Pennyworth is kind of like a mystery story. It does have some twist and turns in the story.

We have Charlotte who ran away from her employer's son, and created a new life in London, weird things start to happen. *Spoiler* Honestly, I thought the weird things that were happening we because of the son of the previous employer, but it's not. Actually, this is where the plot twist comes into play. She hires a handsome PI, and tries not feel any attachment to him. So, throughout the story, they are trying to figure out who is out to get her. Later in the story we have previous employer's son trying to get her.

The Pursuit of Mrs. Pennyworth was an all right story. I think I would have enjoyed the story more had it focus more on the previous employer's son trying to get her, I would have been happy. However, we had a huge plot twist that kind of confused me. Hey there are others who absolutely loved this story, and you might be one of those people. However, it wasn't a story I love. I did like the ending, because it was what I was expecting in this read. There you have it.

Copy provided by Entangled via NetGalley

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