Monday, September 5, 2016

Just Married by Jenna Bayley-Burke (Review)

 Just Married seemed like something I would like to read. I normally don't go for friends-to-lovers kind of things, but this sounded to good to pass up. I mean you have marriage of convenience and Vegas, what could go wrong?

Anyway, Miranda Rose and Callum Kerr have been best friends with benefits. However, Callum drops that he's getting married to some woman right before his birthday, and Miranda freaks out. So, goes in thinking she needs to stop a wedding, but comes to find out she's a woman. Yes, they have a lot of issues to work out, especially when Miranda finds out she's pregnant with twins. By the way is highly unlikely even if Callum's father was a twin. Twins wouldn't come from the father's side anyway they are more likely to come from the mothers or it's a fluke. That is the gist of Just Married.

Now the story is a fairly fast read, and enjoyable. Yes, there are emotional ups and downs. Callum doesn't grasp that they need to change the dynamics of their relationship. He definitely has a hard time with this. I liked Miranda, because she starts to focus on what is better for the babies. Anyway, if you are marriage of convenience and Vegas fans you might enjoy Just Married. Granted it could have been a little longer, but for a quick read it was pretty good.

Copy provided by St. Martin via NetGalley

4 Stars

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