Friday, September 16, 2016

Audiobook Review: Match If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Let me say that Susan Elizabeth Phillips is my go to for a good laugh. Oh my goodness, Annabelle and Heath are fantastic. The banter between these two are stupendous.

So, we have The Python aka Heath Champion in search of a wife, but he doesn't have time to find the perfect polish wife he needs for his career so he hires Power Matches. However, one of his clients wife has a friend who is started her own match making business, so he's doing this as a favor. Isn't so gracious of him. In comes Annabelle Granger, a walking disasters. However, she manages to get results done. Even though she's an unlikely character for Heath to hang around he likes her, okay that's stretching a bit, but she grows on him. Plus, she does an amazing job playing interference on his dates if they aren't working out. At the same time, Annabelle has a powerful connection that Heath would love to make amends. So, the snake slithers his way into getting on Phoebe Calebow good side.

Anyway, Match Me If You Can will definitely tickle your funny bone. The banter, fantastic. The chemistry, hot. Annabelle and Heath are both out of each other leagues, but you know what they work. Annabelle is definitely not the polish, sophisticated woman Heath wants, but she's feisty and fun loving and she's going to knock his socks off. Heath he's pretty snaky in the book, but Annabelle makes him a better man. She's the only one to stand up to the guy. Plus, we get to Deeeeean. Dean Robillard is my favorite character and he strikes up an interesting friendship with Annabelle. I definitely would recommend Match Me If You Can if you need a pick me up, laugh out loud kind of read.

Since, this was an audiobook nobody can do a better job than Anna Fields. She does a super job with reading this book like she has in the previous books. I love when she does her kid voices, because they are amazing.

Yes, you might consider reading the books in order, but you will be fine if you don't. I have been hopping around this series this whole time and have done fine on the stories.

5 Stars

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