Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Covert Games by Katie Reus (Review)

Let me state I did like Covert Games, but I wasn't in love with the story. Covert Games, to me seem like it had a slow start. I know I'm one of the few that feels this way, but I did. I also had a hard time with Leighton and Lucy. I didn't feel them. Hey that happens. I struggle with most of the story, it wasn't until the end that I started to feel a connection. The action did pick up towards the ending that was pretty good. A massive crap storm hits which made story for me.

Anyway, Covert Games wasn't a favorite for me. It worked for others. I would recommend reading the other stories in the series, before jumping into this one. They connect a lot to each other. Like I said others loved this story, and I'm ready to move on to the next story in the series. Katie is a pretty good writer, so I won't let this one stop me.

Copy provided by author.

3 Stars

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