Monday, October 22, 2018

Sentinel of Darkness by Katie Reus (Review)

Sentinel of Darkness was a pretty good read. We have Dagen who is a pretty sexy dragon that basically stuck his foot in his mouth when he notice this little human, Keva. Keva has had a pretty hard life. Even though she was saved by a shifter, she's pretty leery of shifters. One bad relationship kind of ruins that trust, so Dagen has his work cut for him.

This is a fast past novella. We watch Dagen try to show Keva that he's a decent guy, and not all shifters are terrible people. The story  made me love Dagen. He's a totally hot and wonderful hero. I like Keva, but there were moments I want to say he's a good guy. However, she had trust issues to work through. It's a nice story that makes me love dragons even more.

Copy provided by author.

4 1/2 Stars

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